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We are homo sapiens, the way we choose to appear disclosed the hierarchy we had in  the tribe. The leader of the group was dressed up in a different way so he could be recognized easier as the Alpha Male. Ancient Egypt is also an example of how clothes were proving the status and the power of the person who wore them. Clothes are not only serving practical issues, they are also a way of non verbal communication, meaning that our clothes are giving informations to others without saying a word. For example if you see a man dressed in leather pants, you will assume that he might listen to a hard rock kind of music, or if you see a girl that she's dressed up old fashion (so-called grandma style), you may assume that she's shy. However, sometimes the information might not be true, but people are hardwired to read signs and wrong signs might be misunderstood easily. Think about a girl who choses to wear a really short skirt, that doesn't necessarily means that she's easy to get, but she's giving a wrong impression to others.

Clothes are mirroring our personality and if we don't know  who we are, we'll make the wrong choices and giving impressions we don't want to. However, there's always room to change and creating some self-awareness so here are some tips for you in order to find your style.

According to  behavioral psychologist there are 16 types of personalities. Four different types in four groups, the Analytics, the Diplomats, the Sentinels and the Explorers. Here are some tips according to each group, you may find yours here: https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types

The Analytics

They like to be the best and they want to feel respected. They love details and want their clothes to be clean, well ironed and organized. The way they choose to style is something that will show their high status but also will be something really minimal. The don't like fancy clothes or bright colors, in fact the don't have many clothes. They collect some basic clothes, easy to combine, high quality and expensive. They love their clothes and taking care of them, because they like to impress people and to be recognized.
If you are an Analytic type of person, here's some suggestions for you:

The Diplomats

People who are very charismatic and spiritual leaders belong to this category. Their beliefs are that they want to cure everyone and save the world. They are really warm people who are very easy going as well. The way they choose to style themselves is something that will show to others that they are friendly. The don't choose too bright colors, neither too extreme, they are usually casually dressed up ready to catch up with a friend. They like fashion but they don't want attention or admiration, they like to promote others instead. They have many clothes because they have an intense social life. They don't usually buy something because of the good quality or the price, they buy something because they have an occasion, an event or a party to be.
If you're a Diplomat, here's some suggestions for you:

The Sentinels

If you are in the group of Sentinels, you love to organize things, events and people. You are practical and want to find the best solutions for people who have trust in you. That's why you take care of your style and the way you look. You adopt your style to your professionality. If you're an office manager your clothes are all office clothes with some exception for the weekends. You are professional and you want to show that in the way you look. Giving the right impression so people can trust you, is really important to you that's why you want to build a trustworthy image and convince others for your expertise.  

If you are a Sentinel, here some suggestions for you:

The Explores

How would this world be without you guys? Artists, entrepreneurs, entertainers and so on. You are making this world to think, to laugh and to express. You are really creative and your style is your trademark. You chose bright colors, you are not afraid to chose extreme clothes and go out. That's your personality and you're really proud of. People recognize you easily, from your good taste in clothes as you want to be dresses with the latest trends, or because you always have something extreme that mirrors your personality, like a t-shirt with funny logo, wearing a leather jacket in many different occasions, or having crazy combinations. You stand out of the crowded and you are very confident with your looks.

If you're an Explorer, here are some suggestions for you:

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