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3 Facts why should you come to our event on Sunday

ece kavlak

Dear You,

It's a cozy Sunday morning and you just woke up from a deep refreshing sleep. Sunday is your day to organize your house, your priorities, but most of all your closet!!! Yes, you know what I am talking about!!! That 'monster' who lives inside your wardrobe Narnia, and makes your work days so difficult when you are trying to get ready and... 'Where is that top!!!!!'.

Well, we all have been there, looking for the top that suits with our pants, but for some mysterious reason can't find and drives us crazy. So, you have decided that you won't allow Narnia to take your control of your closet and you start to organize your clothes.

Tops, here, pants there, skirts over here...wait what's that?? You still have some clothes you don't wear and you actually you don't even like! What are they doing there?? Oh! It's time to get rid for all your clothes that you don't wear and that take an extra room in your wardrobe.

You start to separate clothes that you want, from clothes that you don't wear anymore. It takes you so much time to do this and makes your man looking at you with surprise and wondering why are you spending you Sunday on separating a bunch of old clothes. Once you are done and you are indeed exhausted, you realize that the clothes that you wear are only the 1/4 contrasted to the clothes that you don't wear and you decided to give away. You just found out that is not the 'monster' that hides your clothes, but you don't have any clothes to wear that you like.

It's already 1 pm, your closet looks extremely poor and you need a cocktail after this to calm you down.

Ask and you will receive they say...

Relax and come to Rumour in Zurich on Sunday, May 21st from 1 pm to 5 pm. There you'll find collections from talented designers that will inspire and motivate you to create a new style and fill your closet with clothes that you will love and pieces hard to find.

Sundays are for relaxing, so why to spend it on organizing thing you don't even want?

Enjoy yourself, take a break and come to have fun while you are upgrading your style.

Oh, and there's cocktail too, so take your husband, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend and explore the new age of shopping, meeting with famous bloggers and find your style identity.

P.S.: If you don't live in Zurich we will regret not to see you at the event, but you can always relax on your comfortable couch and enjoy your weekend looking the clothes collection on our website.




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