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My mom always had her way to surprise me when we were shopping together. Before she bought anything she had a weird habit of examining the material of the cloth by putting it to her cheek to sense it if it was soft enough and friendly for the skin. For her, never mattered the price, she was always telling me to be more quality focused and buy clothes that won't cause me any allergies of itching.

My shopping criteria form the other side was more trend focused at the time and of course the price of it. I never paid attention to quality until I realized that I spent so much money in clothes that I couldn't wear anymore, because of their cheap quality, or because they were destroyed in the washing process, or sometimes because they were really itchy and I could stand wearing it.

Quality does matter and we own it to ourselves to dress up our bodies with good quality fabrics.

There's a certain pleasure in recognizing something that has been well made and designed by creative people who want to share what they do with others and give their time and energy to design a piece, select the right material and combine it in a way that will make whoever it wear it feel comfortable.

Our skin is the biggest treasure of our body, it's the one that protect us from the outside word that keeps us safe from injuring and infections and it's our responsibility to take care of it. By choosing synthetic material we are blocking our skin pores to breath and we are causing it to sweat because that kind of materials often increase the body's temperature. As a result, when the sweat has no way out because of the fabric it keeps on making us feel discomfortable and sweaty.  In the contrast, choosing fabrics like cotton, wool or silk we will feel more comfortable and our skin will breathe under the clothes, causing us flexibility and feeling confident.

However, many people avoid choosing quality clothes because of their cost, nevertheless if we do the maths, we spend more money on buying cheap clothes and wearing them for one or two months, than making an investment in a good quality clothes that will remain in our wardrobe for decades. As for the fashion trends, it is nothing to worry about, good quality clothes can be transformed and fit in any fashion trend, after all fashion makes cycles and old trends become new again.

Our clothes tell many things about us, especially our status and our lifestyle. You are not a cheap person, why to buy cheap clothes?

Understanding the importance of quality over quantity of clothes in your life, you will realize that it is better to invest on something that will make you feel comfortable, will fit better to your body type and will make you feel great about your choice, separating you from the crowd where everyone looks the same.

...In the end, my mom was right, she still has her clothes she bought many years ago, and she enjoy herself wearing them and do several combination, when me in the other side, I have nothing to wear sometimes even if I have spend the 3/4 of my money income to clothes.

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